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Each and every Ericka J. product is hand crafted, latex and toxin free, and waterproof.

The Best On the Market

I have tried so many different lace adhesives. This by far is the best, in my opinion, safest, glue I’ve used thus far. The whole system is bomb. The hold is long lasting, even through working out daily! The laid off is super easy to use. It’s the quickest, safest way to remove your lace. Amazing products! Highly recommended

Hold Me Down Adhesive

This product is amazing when it comes to removing your wigs and lace fronts with no issues. The most easiest product to use. Prevents you from ripping your hair out and very very painless!!

Laid Off Adhesive Remover

I am a person who has never really been consistent with my hair but this growth oil is amazing. I have been using it for a while now and honestly I can’t get enough, I begun to see results very quickly. I’ve been using it ever since, it is definitely worth it and has also helped me to be more consistent and take care of my hair often...

Butterfly Growth Oil

The Inspirational Stylist

Who is Ericka J.?

Ericka J. is a gifted young hairstylist from Miami, FL. Since the young age of 7, Ericka has always had a passion for hair. She will continue to spread nothing but love, positivity, & inspiration to everyone she crosses paths with.  

Ericka has created these hair care products with experience and confidence to help you achieve FLAWLESS styles. With over 15 years of knowledge, she is proud to have her own collection that are trusted by many professionals in the beauty industry.

Created With Intelligence®

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