Butterfly Growth™ Oil Large

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Ericka J. Products is proud to offer this Butterfly Growth™ Oil Large

  • Lightweight formula

  • Kid friendly
  • Speeds up natural growth
  • blend of all-natural oils
  • promoting healthy hair growth and nourishing your hair with pure, chemical-free ingredients.
  • Cruelty free


    The Butterfly Growth Oil promotes healthy hair growth and stimulates your hair follicles, moisturizes your scalp, and grows your hair at a rapid rate with the proper usage. Just like the butterfly, growth is a process, and this all-natural hair care product is here to help you along your journey. This organic hair care can help prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff, and increase blood circulation around the scalp. Order this ethnic hair care product online from Ericka J. Products today!

    • Treats hair loss
    • Promotes the new hair growth and formation of new tissue 
    • Comes in Size 5.1 Oz bottle

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