Watermelon Hold Me Down™ Adhesive Small

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Ericka J. Products is proud to offer this Watermelon Hold Me Down ™ Adhesive (Small).

  • Best wig glue for every skin type
  • Gentle lace glue that won't harm your hair
  • Lasts for several weeks with proper care

There are many benefits to wearing a wig that women love. It is convenient and can cut lots of time off the styling of your hair. It protects your hair from the damage done by heat appliances. Plus, wigs offer unlimited styles and looks in an instant. Ericka J. Products is passionate about helping women look and feel their best with our all-natural hair care products, including this Watermelon Hold Me Down ™ Adhesive (Small). This wig glue ensures a tight and proper fit every time. Order this organic hair care product online today!

  • Not tested on animals
  • Dries quickly
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Great watermelon scent

    How to Use Me

    • Perform a patch test on an inconspicuous area of the skin before applying across your forehead. After you are pleased with the outcome of your patch test, apply the sister product to the adhesive: HOLD ME DOWN SKIN GUARD to a clean forehead. Then, apply a thin layer of Hold Me Down Adhesive across the forehead. Allow the adhesive to become tacky and appear clear before applying another layer. (We recommend between three and seven layers depending on the install, but three is very common!) After each layer has become clear and tacky, attach the unit you’re working with. Allow the unit to cure for at least 24 hours before getting wet.

    Ingredients: Poly-acrylic Acid Ester, Water, Nonionic Surfactant

    Disclaimer: Everyone’s body chemistry isn’t the same. Some may have oilier skin than others. If this is the case, the wig adhesive will eventually break down because of your bodily oils. Read the ingredients and perform a patch test on yourself before using it on your entire forehead. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.

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