Why Ericka J. Products?

With so many wig glues, wig removers, and curly hair products on the market today, why should you choose Ericka J. Products? Below, we'll take a look at some of the reasons to choose Ericka J. Products, and order online today!

Over 10 Years of Experience

Ericka J. has over 10 years of experience in the hair care industry, crafting and perfecting her best-selling wig adhesives and removers, as well as her other all-natural hair care products for curly hair.

Passionate About The Best Look

Ericka J. is passionate about helping others achieve the best look possible. Let's face it, when you look good, you feel good, and this affects your entire demeanor and how you interact with others. It also affects how you feel about yourself and can help you accomplish your goals. Our all-natural hair care products help you look your best.

All-Natural Hair Care Products

Most of us love pets and want to ensure what we put on our skin won't do us harm. With Ericka J. Products, our products are all-natural and never tested on animals. We don't use any harmful chemicals that could harm you or others. Our formula is simple, effective, and uses what nature has given.

Hair Care Products that Work

Nothing is worse than purchasing a hair care product that doesn't do what it says it will do. With Ericka J. Products, our top-rated wig glue, wig glue remover, styling foam, and more are long-lasting, quick, and work every time. You can rest assured you won't be wasting your time with our wig installation products.

Ericka J. Products are effective, save you time on wig installation, and dry quickly. You'll love the scent, and these products are waterproof, too, meaning you can shower without worry. Plus, our Butterfly Growth Oil helps to feed and nourish your hair so it will grow and stay healthy. Check out all of our all-natural hair care products online today!