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Welcome to Ericka J. Products! We offer the best hand-crafted, latex and toxin-free hair care products that are also waterproof. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best, which is why we've dedicated our lives to offering you the best adhesives for wigs, adhesive removers, holding sprays, and more. Below, we'll highlight just a few of our all-natural hair care products. Order online today!

Hold Me Down ™ Adhesive

Our best-selling hair adhesive offers a quick and clear drying formula to use when installing your wig. It will offer a seamless look for any lace-front wig, so you won't have to worry about others noticing. Hold Me Down ™ Adhesive will last between two and three weeks with the proper care. We never test on animals, and we only use all-natural ingredients. Order online today!

Laid Off ® Adhesive Remover

When you are ready to remove your wig, you need the best wig remover. Our Laid Off ® Adhesive Remover is a fast and effective wig remover adhesive that will remove the lace while leaving your skin and hair intact. Try this best way to remove your wig hair care product today!

Fluff Stuff ® Styling Foam

If you have curly hair, you understand that it can be difficult to contain your curls. With Ericka J.'s Fluff Stuff ® Styling Foam, you'll be able to style your curls just the way you like, achieving the perfect look and bounce that's right for you. Try this all-natural hair care product today.

Hold Me Down Adhesive Skin Guard

Hold Me Down Adhesive Skin Guard is designed to be used in tandem with our Hold Me Down ™ Adhesive. Use this best all-natural hair care product before you apply the adhesive in order to ensure you'll have a clean area for your wig installation.

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When choosing the best all-natural hair care products, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Ericka J. has over a decade of experience crafting the best hair care products for you. It's important to achieve the look you desire, which is why her and her team have dedicated thousands of hours to help you have the best hair possible with our best wig glue products. Order online today!