Hair Care Tips & Overview of What Makes Ericka J. Hair Care Products Unique

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Natural Hair Care 101

The natural hair world is not always simple to navigate. It’s easy to be overloaded with information from blogs, tutorials, guides, and so much more. On this page, we cover some basic, fundamental hair care tips, how to use Ericka J. hair care products effectively within that context, and also talk about some useful and interesting facts about hair.

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Some Interesting Facts About Hair:

  • Made up of the protein Keratin, hair is a non-living material.
  • Since hair is dead it cannot repair itself. After it becomes damaged, there is not much that can be down besides growing it out or getting it cut
  • The outside area of hair is called the cuticle. From a hair care perspective it is crucial, as its good-health is key to maintaining moisture and maintaining frizz-free hair.

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Who Is Ericka J.?

Ericka J. is a gifted young hairstylist from Miami, FL. Since the young age of seven, Ericka has always had a passion for hair. Ericka currently runs Garden 7 Cosmetics in Savannah, Georgia. She will continue to spread nothing but love, positivity, and inspiration to everyone she crosses paths with.

Ericka has created these hair care products with experience and confidence to help you achieve FLAWLESS styles. With over 10 years of knowledge, she is proud to have her own collection that is trusted by many professionals throughout the beauty industry.

How Does Adhesive Skin Guard Work?

Adhesive skin guard is to be used before applying wig adhesive to your forehead. Hold Me Down™ Adhesive Skin Guard is used to protect your skin and clean it of bacteria before you install your wig. This product creates a safe, longer-lasting, and flawless isntall!

Start by performing a patch test on an inconspicuous area of the skin before applying across your forehead. After you are pleased with the outcome of your patch test, apply the Hold Me Down Skin Guard to a clean and dry forehead and to a clean and dry wig cap. Allow the skin guard to dry before applying the Hold Me Down Adhesive.

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What Makes Ericka J. Hair Care Products Unique?

Ericka J. hair care products are always:

  • Organic
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Handcrafted with Love
  • Latex- and Toxin-Free
  • Waterproof

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To Be Continued...

This FAQ page is still under construction. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in this fundamental guide to hair care!

Make sure you have the best tools possible such as for safely and securely attaching a wig or for achieving that little extra bounce to your curls by shopping the Ericka J. line of organic hair care products that go the extra mile to help you achieve flawless style.

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