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Who Is Ericka J.?

Ericka J. is a gifted young hairstylist from Miami, FL. Since the young age of seven, Ericka has always had a passion for hair. Ericka currently runs Garden 7 Cosmetics in Savannah, Georgia. She will continue to spread nothing but love, positivity, and inspiration to everyone she crosses paths with.

Ericka has created these hair care products with experience and confidence to help you achieve FLAWLESS styles. With over 10 years of knowledge, she is proud to have her own collection that is trusted by many professionals throughout the beauty industry.


Ericka J. Hair Care Products Are Always:

  • Totally Organic
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Handcrafted with Love
  • Latex- and Toxin-Free
  • Waterproof

Hair Care Products for Curly Hair & Wigs

Whether you are looking for products to help install wigs, want to get your curls sleaker and shinier, or are going for more well-defined, bouncy waves, we have the products you need to achieve your desired look. Explore our carefully created collection of hair care products on our SHOP page today!

Get Your Locks Under Control

Whether you prefer to flat iron your hair or go natural, we have multiple organic hair products to suit your needs. From intricate braids, heavenly curls, to updo styles and polished bobs, whatever style you are going for, Ericka J.’s natural hair care products can help you achieve 24/7 flawlessness!

Pick the Right Hair Care Products to Upgrade Your Routine

Your hair care routine can involve all sorts of practices and techniques. Making sure you have the best tools possible such as for safely and securely attaching a wig or for achieving that little extra bounce to your curls is crucial. Experience the Ericka J. difference — organic hair care products that go the extra mile.

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