13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs
13x6 Ericka J. Wigs

13x6 Ericka J. Wigs

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  • Can be applied with lace adhesive
  • Can be installed glue-less
  • Lasts for 1+ years with proper care

There are many benefits to wearing a wig that many love. It is convenient and can cut lots of time off the styling of your natural hair. It protects your hair from the damage done by heat appliances. Plus, wigs offer unlimited styles and looks in an instant. Ericka J. is passionate about helping everyone look and feel their best. 

All wigs caps are 22-22.5 in circumference. All wigs are created with a full frontal, thin transparent lace, wig combs, and an elastic band. 

There is a $40 voucher for products (not wigs) to use on ERICKA J. or SEVYN B. which is issued to you with your purchase after order confirmation. 

    How to Care for Me

    1.Wash Carefully-(Avoid Sulfate)Wet your hair bit by bit to prevent tangling using a downward motion when shampooing and rinsing.
    2.Condition Well-(Avoid Sulfate)
    Conditioning with a good sulfate free
    conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your hair transition.

    3.Let Dry Naturally-(lf time permits)We
    recommend letting your hair dry naturally to avoid heat damage on your extensions

    4.Brush-A soft bristle brush or looper brush will be a great fit for your brushing. This will help detangle your hair without damaging it.

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